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The control arms of your Tesla Model S Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3 replaced cost efficiently at a location near you?

All Tesla images and references are for presenting our parts only. Electric Vehicle Parts has no connection or link whatsoever to Tesla Inc.

Looking for a control arm for your Tesla car?

Do you need to replace a control arm or all control arms of your car? This is normal: the control arms of the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X en Tesla Model 3 wear out fast due to the weight of the cars. We are happy to help you replace a control arm or a set of control arms on your Tesla car! Electric Vehicle Parts sells and distributes control arms from the big European Automotive Aftermarket manufacturer Sidem and we work together with a chain of car repair shops that will replace the parts on your car.

We supply high quality control arms at a reasonable cost and with a 2 year warranty to companies and individuals. Wheather you ar looking for the rear lower control arms at Electric Vehicle Parts you will always receive high quality parts and excelent service!

Click on the picture and see the review of Edmunds on the suspension of the Tesla Model S.

(Tesla, Model S, Model X en Model 3 are registered by Tesla Inc.)

Tesla Model S en Tesla Model X draagarm

Front Lower control arms (Front wheels)

Tesla Model S en Tesla Model X draagarm

This is the front of the 2 lower control arms at the front wheels. This is specially made for the suspension of the Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X. The control arms are sold as a set. (Left and Right.)

Back lower control arms on the (Front wheels)

Tesla draagarmTesla draagarmen

This is the back control of the two lower control arms on the front of the car. The parts are specially designed for the suspension of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. The control arms are sold as a set. (Left and Right.)

Tesla draagarmTesla draagarmen
Set van 4 Tesla draagarmen

Lower control arm SET = Front + Back control arms (Front wheels)

Set van 4 Tesla draagarmen

This is a complete set of lower control arms for the front wheels. Both the front and back control arms that are both mounted on the front wheels. This control arm set is specially desgned for the suspension of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X and consists of 4 parts as seen on the picture.

About Electric Vehicle Parts

Electric Vehicle Parts is a small and efficient company that was started by an enthusiastic electric car driver. Because of our small scale and low costs we will almost always be the cheapest supplier of our specialized parts. We work with only a limited number of suppliers but are always looking for new oppertunities to lower the costs of driving an electric car.

Find the correct control arm (set)

Do you need to replace the rear or front lowe control arms of your Tesla car and looking for a specialized company that can deliver the parts and replace them for you? Have a look at our parts, find your parts and order them directly! Would you like to learn more about the replacement of your control arm of your car? Or do you have any questions about parts that are not yet on our site? Please contact us and we will help you right away. Call us outside of office hours and on saterday and even sunday, we are here to help!

Frequently asked questions.

Yes, that is possible. But the remaining problem will be the balljoints on the control arms, these wear out as fast as the rubber parts. Only replacing the rubber parts of the control arms is a short term solution that will cost you more in the end because the balljoint will also need replacing and the those cannot be sourced.

No, the balljoint is pressed into the alluminium of the control arm and you will damage / break the collar when you remove it and from our knowledge these joints cannot be sourced. We have not been able to find fitting balljoints. It will be more cost efficient to replace the control arm as a whole.

We cannot say, we have not link or agreement with Tesla. You will have to read the fine print on your own warranty agreement with Tesla. Your local Tesla Service Center might be able to help you with this.

No, that is not possible. Electric Vehicle Parts does not have any garage or any link to any car maintenance company.

The camber bolt that mounts only the back control arm to the sub frame is mounted reverse. That means that in an ideal situation the battery pack needs to be removed to slide out the bolt and remove the old control arm. However, because it is recommended that you replace the camber bolt when replacing the control arms you can cut this bolt with an angle grinder so you do not have to remove the battery. The new bolt can be inserted from the front side of the car towards the battery. You will then have the nut at the side of the battery. No need to remove the battery, the result is a reversed bolt. Next time the exchange of new control arms will be even easier. (Tesla advises to have the bolts face away from the battery pack to minimize the risk of the bolt contacting / piercing the battery in case of an accident.)

You can dispose of them adhering to the laws and regulations in your country / region.

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